About us

Work with a seasoned Software Engineer

  • Mat Carpenter Founder

  • Mat is a software engineer with 12 years of industry experience. He has worked on 20+ projects, building for brands including Sony, LucasArts, Capcom & Naughty Dog. His code has been run on millions of devices.

    Phantom Key was founded so that Mat could help creative teams worldwide build engaging digital experiences for PC, console, mobile and web.

Supporting creative clients with professional technical services

  • Consulting

    Get unstuck with clearly delivered technical advice
  • Code

    Gameplay · Network · Audio · Physics · Graphics · UI · Engine
  • Design

    Construct technical designs that are ready to build
  • Tools

    Create more effectively with tools that fit your workflow
  • Build

    Streamline development by automating the build process
  • Porting

    Expand your audience by porting to new platforms
  • Compliance

    Adhere to platform specific technical requirements
  • Optimisation

    Showcase your work with performance that matches
  • Bug-fixing

    Fix crashes and get features working reliably

Based in the UK, working globally

  • Phantom Key is based in the United Kingdom, the land of tea, scones and rainy weather.

    We work with clients from all over the world.

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